Electric Suction Toothbrush

OralClean G100, the world’s first electric suction toothbrush, provides a simple yet innovative oral care environment for people who have difficulty in brushing their teeth by themselves.



Simple and Effective Oral Care

OralClean G100 presents a simple yet effective oral care solution for the caregivers and care-receivers who are unable to practice oral hygiene by themselves, due to the sickness, disability, or injury. As the world’s first handy electric suction toothbrush, it can be used in various settings, such as home, institution, or hospital.


A Unique Approach

OralClean G100 removes fluid from inside the mouth through the suction hole located on the top of the brush, providing a whole new brushing environment to people who have hard time moving and to their caregivers.

Sonic Vibrations

The smooth sonic vibration of 14,000 times per minute gets delivered through the brush enabling the caregivers to clean the oral cavity more efficiently while protecting the gums and providing effective cleaning power at the same time.

LED Light

The light emanated from the LED gets transmitted into the oral cavity through the transparent brush head. When you brush care-receivers’ teeth, it brightens up the dark area of their mouth where you can’t see well.

Antibacterial Brush

Soft and antibacterial bristles help caregivers to provide hygienic oral care. Caregivers can replace the brush heads to take care of multiple care-receivers.

Foldable Bottle

Foldable bottle can be easily washed by opening the cab and managed by folding the bottle. Caregivers may use the exclusive neck strap and the ring on the bottle for their convenience.


Color: Gloss Ivory White

Vibration Frequency: 14,000 rpm (+/- 20%)

Suction Rate: 500ml/min (+/- 25%)


Foldable Bottle: 700ml

Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion (1.6Ah)

Adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A

Dimensions: 1.69 × 1.5 × 10.55 inches

Weight: 0.44 lbs