Product FAQ Page

Braille Products:


Q: How many cells are the Braille Sense 6 and 6 mini?
A: 32, 20.

Q:What version of Android  runs on the BrailleSense 6?
A: Android 10, upgrading to android 12.

Q: Do I need the USB driver for terminal mode?
A: Yes, please download the driver from our support site.

Q:How long does the battery last on the BrailleSense 6/6 mini?
A: BrailleSense 6 battery running time: About 18 hours (with Braille and TTS, internal speaker at mid volume)
6 mini: 12 hours

Q: How do I connect to the internet on the BrailleSense 6?
A: Go to settings, press i for internet, choose wireless land, and press enter on access point. Make sure you switch to computer braille to put in password when prompted for “network key” and press enter.

Q: What if I do not see any access points when I try to connect to internet?
A: Go to settings, then android system settings and navigate to wi-fi and if it says “not connected”, press enter to turn it on.

Q: Will you be able to download applications like Sirius XM?
A: Yes, you can download in two different ways. 1. For very popular apps like BART mobile, audible, and chrome, you will be able to open an all-app menu and download each app from the app installer. This will be similar to how you install different voices in the app, where you toggle through different voices and press okay to install. 2. You can also install the APKs directly from the file manager. You don’t need to set up permissions because permissions are already set.

Q: Will Selvas BLV make sure all apps stay up to date?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to record from the radio directly?
A: FM radio yes, web radio no – unless you have a separate mixer or device that will loop it back.

Q: Do you have to know some special address to access the podcasts and web radio?
A: No, we have 3 different search engines. For example, through iTunes you can search by keywords. For web radio you can search by genre or key words. However, if you have another specific podcast program, you can import it directly.

Q: Will the app installer be updated with new apps?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a stop talking method?
A: No, we don’t have a specific stop talking method, you just have to exit out of where you are.

Q: Can you put the Google TTS voice on there?
A: No, this is not a google certified device due to cost factors. But we are including e-speak.

Q: Which vocalizer voices are available?
A: There are different vocalizers, and we have them for all localizations we support. There’s about 60-70 voices.

Q: Which quality of voices are available?
A: Embedded premium is our highest quality.

Q: You have two competitive players (Victor Stream and SensePlayer) – if someone were new and trying to figure out which one to buy, how would you describe it?
A: Strongest comparison is SensePlayer has stereo speaker and microphones vs. mono on VictorStream, our speakers sound better and louder than VictorStream, we have a user replaceable battery that you can order through us, it is easier to switch languages on the SensePlayer and can change firmware, DAISY payer, and document reader languages on the fly, and SensePlayer has smartconnect whereas VictorSteam does not. The stream is a good book player, but the SensePlayer is a good book player, multimedia player, field recorder, and has support for 3rd party apps.

Q: Is the battery a proprietary battery?
A: Yes, it is a proprietary lithium polymer battery.

Q: Does it make more sense to have it be USB C to USB C cable rather than USB C to USB A?
A: You can use a USB C-C cable if you want.